Sunday, August 21, 2016

What Might've Been: Hi, Honey, I'm Home! (1991)

Get ready for a blast from Nickelodeon's past.

In the summer of 1991, the network cut a deal with ABC, giving the latter first-airing rights to a new sitcom, Hi, Honey, I'm Home!, which served as a summer replacement series, airing on Fridays on ABC, and replaying two nights later on Nickelodeon before the Nick at Nite block took over.

The concept was this. Hi, Honey tells the story of the Nielsen family, who've moved from Hollywood to an unnamed small town. While the Nielsens are fish out of water, they also share some life lessons with their neighbors, the Duffs.

Unfortunately, ABC viewers were tuned out, and the network dropped Hi, Honey after the first six episodes. Nick, however, brought the show back the following summer for 7 more episodes before putting it to bed for good.

Future Backstreet Boy AJ McLean was cast as one of the Duff boys in the pilot, which you will see in a moment, but the part was recast and a new pilot was shot. If only they knew.....!

The following video was taken from a Nick special that aired at the height of the Backstreets' popularity in 1999, eight years after it was originally shot on tape.

Unfortunately also, series star Charlotte Booker was hardly heard from again after Hi, Honey bit the dust.

Rating: B.

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