Monday, August 29, 2016

What Might've Been: Make The Connection (1955)

If we've learned anything over the course of television history, it's the fact that variations on the same basic formula don't always work as well as the original concept.

Case in point is Make The Connection, a short-lived primetime game from Goodson-Todman which ran for 13 weeks on NBC in the summer of 1955. The panel format is the same as G-T's troika of I've Got a Secret, What's My Line?, & To Tell The Truth over at CBS. Game play, it seems, is pretty much the same.

Connection went through two moderators over the course of 13 weeks. Gene Rayburn landed his first hosting job, but it was at the expense of future sports icon Jim McKay, who was ousted after the first month. The panel stayed the same over those 13 weeks, including another icon, Betty White.

Right now, let's take a look at an episode hosted by Jim McKay, and see if you can figure out why he was ultimately sacked.

Rating: B.

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