Saturday, February 11, 2017

Forgotten TV: Body Language (1984)

Nearly a decade after Showoffs had been cancelled, Mark Goodson was persuaded, not by ABC, but rather, CBS, to retool the show. The end result, Body Language, lasted nearly a year and a half before it was cancelled in January 1986. Tom Kennedy, who was also hosting the syndicated evening edition of The Price is Right around the same time, was the host.

Goodson tweaked the concept, mixing charades with Mad Libs, if you will, as contestants had to complete puzzles based on the pantomimed clues. Goodson, you'll recall, added the puzzle factor to his Password revivals for NBC.

Following is the conclusion of the first Teen Week from April 1985, featuring a pair of NBC stars, Kim Fields (The Facts of Life) and Jason Bateman (It's Your Move).

The video also appears on my other blog, Saturday Morning Archives.

Rating: B.

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