Tuesday, February 28, 2017

What Might've Been: We Got It Made (1983)

It was, in a way, Three's Company in reverse. In more ways than one.

We Got It Made was thought to be a sure-fire hit for NBC in the fall of 1983. As it was, former programming head Fred Silverman was an executive producer for his new Intermedia production company, which had little success until Silverman dropped the Intermedia label a few years later.

The plot: Two roommates (Matt McCoy, Tom Villard) hire a maid (Teri Copley) to maintain their apartment. The guys have jobs and girlfriends, the latter of which complicates things.

After a hot start, We Got It Made ran into some ratings issues and critical backlash, and was cancelled after 1 season, only to return when Silverman & MGM revived it in syndication in 1987. However, that, too, lasted 1 season.

Here's the series opener.

Co-star Stepfanie Kramer left midway, but would later return in Stephen Cannell's crime drama, Hunter, acting opposite Fred Dryer. When Made returned, only Teri Copley & Tom Villard returned from the original cast. The new supporting cast, one would assume, didn't create the same kind of chemistry.

No rating.

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