Thursday, February 16, 2017

Musical Interlude: I Can't Lie To Me (2000)

Clay Davidson peaked at #26 on Billboard's Hot Country chart in the spring of 2000 with "I Can't Lie To Me", the 2nd single from his debut CD, "Unconditional". The video is noteworthy for its wrestling theme, with appearances by Jerry "The King" Lawler, Tennessee area promoter Bert Prentice (formerly known as Christopher Love), and future TNA star Chris Harris, who figures prominently in the video. Lawler was doing color commentary on Monday Night Raw at the time, but never plugged Davidson's album.

The anti-Southern bias of Vince McMahon includes a distaste, apparently, of country music, even though a former star, Hillbilly Jim, had a couple of novelty hits on the country chart in the late 80's. Mickie James, back with WWE after a nearly 7 year absence, had left in 2010 to pursue a career in country music before signing with TNA, perhaps frustrated by the fact that McMahon refused to put his promotional machine behind her debut CD.

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