Wednesday, March 1, 2017

The digital network shuffle

Sinclair Broadcasting, which owns a number of broadcast stations around the country, plus the American Sports Network, Comet TV, Ring of Honor Wrestling, and the Tennis Channel, has added two more digital networks to cable systems. In the home district, two pre-existing networks had to be cut to make room.

This TV, which has been comprised mostly of MGM properties, including In The Heat of the Night, has been cut and replaced with TBD TV, which caters to internet fans, as a number of shows previously online exclusive are making their broadcast cable debuts. Kind of the spiritual successor to G4 and its predecessor, Tech TV. Meanwhile, the Western-centric Grit has been dumped, replaced with the Sinclair-MGM-owned Charge, which bowed yesterday. The original plan was for another MGM network, The Works, to fill the slot, but MGM discontinued The Works instead.

Plans call for Heat reruns, plus copious doses of James Bond and Rocky movies, on Charge.

About a week or so earlier, NBC-Universal discontinued Cloo, which had been a way station for some of the studio's crime dramas not named Law & Order.

I get Sinclair's motivations, as TBD is now attached to the CBS affiliate, Charge to the CW affiliate. All we need now is for the American Sports Network, which airs programming in syndication on the CW affiliate, to have a home of its own. Stay tuned.

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