Tuesday, March 28, 2017

What Might've Been: Paris 7000 (1970)

ABC had backed themselves right into a corner. The early returns on the adaptation of Harold Robbins' The Survivors (as it was billed) were not good. The network had gotten a full season commitment from Universal for the series, but, by the holidays, it was decided to shelve The Survivors, leaving only co-star George Hamilton, for a new series to rise from the ashes.

Unfortunately, while Paris 7000 sounded like a nice idea, it was saddled with the stigma of the Survivors debacle.

To be perfectly honest, I didn't even know this show existed until I read an entry in a reference book I keep at my desk. Hadn't seen anything on it online until tonight. Hence, no rating. We'll leave you with the intro:


Mike Doran said...

George Hamilton wasn't in the Zorro And Son series.
You're mixing it up with Zorro, The Gay Blade, a theatrical feature that Hamilton produced for himself, in the wake of his hit Dracula comedy Love At First Bite.

Zorro And Son starred Henry Darrow as Old Zorro, Paul Regina as Young Zorro, and a bunch of sitcom vets in the other parts. (You should be able to find it in that reference book you mentioned ...)

hobbyfan said...

And I did a review on Zorro & Son, which I should've remembered. Thanks, Mike, I'll fix things up in a trice.