Wednesday, March 8, 2017

What Might've Been: Broken Badges (1990)

Stephen J. Cannell sold most of his series to either NBC or ABC during the 80's. One of his first sales to CBS may have, in fact, been inspired by the Michael Keaton-Christopher Lloyd movie, "The Dream Team", except that you have a trio of misfit cops on leave from their California base and working with a psychiatrist and a New Orleans maverick.

Broken Badges was a mid-season replacement that launched in November 1990, but was yanked before the holidays, only to return for a brief summer run in June 1991. There are familiar names in the cast, including Jay Johnson (ex-Soap, Celebrity Charades), Ernie Hudson ("Ghostbusters"), Charlotte Lewis ("The Golden Child"), Eileen Davidson (The Young & The Restless), and 2nd generation star Miguel Ferrer.

Never saw the show, so there won't be a rating. Unfortunately, it's also fallen off the face of the earth, now that Comcast has shut down the Cloo channel. Here's the intro:

Could it be done today? Hmmmmmmmm.

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