Sunday, March 19, 2017

Jimmy Breslin (1928-2017)

He was a New York legend who wrote about the average citizens more than he did the kingmakers and power brokers. Serial killer David Berkowitz corresponded with him. He wrote for virtually every newspaper in New York except for maybe the New York Times, and was writing a weekly column for the New York Daily News until his passing. Today, all of New York, nay, the world, mourns journalist and best selling author Jimmy Breslin, who passed away at 88.

Breslin even entered the late night television wars in the 80's, hosting a twice weekly newsmagazine for ABC, but cancelled it himself because affiliates, including flagship WABC in New York, delayed the broadcast to 2 am (ET) due to commitments to syndicated programming airing after Nightline.

However, Breslin's most enduring image is that of him in a bar, mingling with average folks and shilling for Piels beer in 1978:

Rest in peace, Jimmy.

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