Friday, July 27, 2018

Here there be Weasels

New York is definitely Weasel country. Today's New York Post has articles about three very different types of two-legged Weasels.

First up is disgraced former Assembly Speaker Sheldon (Tarnished) Silver. Silver had his initial conviction overturned a couple of years ago after an appeals court questioned the validity of the jury's instructions in Silver's first trial. Silver is due to be sentenced today, but he and his lawyers plan to ask the judge to let Silver keep some of the $4 million dollars in kickbacks he was convicted of keeping.


You have to understand that Silver's made a lot of political enemies in his career, and they'd love to see him sent up the river, even if it is to a country club prison (because of his age), but to keep the money he practically stole? I think this might explain my position on this matter......

Case #2 involves a deadbeat parent who left her 5 year old son behind after overdosing him on medicine for epilepsy so she could go out and party.

We call Phyllis Reinoso a deadbeat because she fled all the way to Alabama before she was arrested earlier this week. Her son, Mikey Guzman, died due to the overdose. Where was the child's father when this was going on? We don't know, but police say that Michael Guzman, Sr. is not a suspect in the case.

Running away from responsibility gets Ms. Reinoso the Weasel ears.

Finally, there's a con artist in Queens who was caught by Post cameras walking without the aid of a wheelchair that he'd been using, allegedly, to scam businesses into buy portable ramps for disabled persons who legitimately use wheelchairs.

Arik Matarov, according to the Post, is a serial litigant who has filed a number of phony lawsuits to feather his own nest. What is also in question is the validity of his visual condition. He's also been seen with a sight impairment cane that blind persons use to navigate through the streets. His hand-picked lawyer, Jeffrey Neiman, has washed his hands of the whole thing. Good for him, in order to save his career.

What we don't know is why Matarov is taking the lazy man's route to riches. However, a number of the businesses he's scammed reportedly are interested in counter-suing, not so much to get back the money he's stolen from them, but to teach him a lesson. Again, let's hear from Homey D. Clown (Damon Wayans, In Living Color):

Enjoy the Weasel ears, Mr. Matarov. Even Barney Miller would've had a field day with you.

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