Monday, July 2, 2018

Sports this 'n' that

Well, that didn't take long.

LeBron James decided to chase the money again, signing a 4 year deal with the Los Angeles Lakers on Sunday.

There are rational reasons why James would bolt Cleveland a second time.

For one, he has property in Los Angeles, and a namesake teenage son who's blossoming into a high school hoops star, just like him.

Two, he owns a small, independent studio, and likely would like to land some deals to expand his portfolio, if you will.

Three, he can be more of a rational mentor to Lonzo Ball, assuming Ball remains with the Lakers when the season begins, than Lonzo's loudmouth father, LaVar, could ever hope to be. While the Fred Sanford of stage parents will say, "I told you so", when it comes to LeBron, he's way off base if he thinks he can take credit for this decision.
The sins of his past reputation came back to haunt Tampa Bay Bucs QB Jameis Winston the other day when the NFL decided to suspend him for the first three games of the 2018 season due to an off-field incident involving a Uber driver. There were questions about Winston's maturity, just as much as there were about that other celebrated party boy, Johnny Manziel, when Tampa Bay drafted Winston in 2015. However, there are rumors that if there's another arrest on Winston's record, he may be banished from the league.

It's three strikes, and you're out, or is commissioner Roger Goodell again kow-towing to President Trump?
The Mets haven't been this wretched in years. A loss to Miami on Saturday resulted in the Mets' record for June falling to a pathetic 5-21. Luckily, they've started July on a good note, beating the Marlins, 5-2, on Sunday. I still believe that making trades to appease an impatient fan base isn't the solution. Trading away a front-line starter like a Jacob deGrom or Noah Syndergaard is not the answer, because then you're setting the team back a few extra years.
The Tri-City Valleycats recovered from a 9th inning loss to Hudson Valley Friday by beating the Renegades, 9-2, on Saturday night. However, they began a six-game, hone-&-home series with Vermont by dropping a 9-8 decision in 11 innings Sunday night. That puts the Lake Monsters back in sole possession of first place in the Stedler Division. Still plenty of time left, though, but one wonders if Jason Bell is making too many moves when he doesn't need to......
Another night, another win for the Troy Fighting Irish, which blew away Auburn, 47-6, on Saturday night. However, you won't see any box scores for this one, since the local press ignores semi-pro football nowadays, unless it's a slow night. El Cheapo Media did a pre-season preview, but haven't sent reporters to cover home games at Lansingburgh High, and that's a shame. Their next home game is Saturday, July 7, but the Valleycats and Albany Empire will be home, too, making the Irish a third option for fans, assuming anyone remembers the team is even playing......
WWE Chairman/CEO Vince McMahon is sinking $500 million into his revival of the XFL, due to start in February 2020. With Charlie Ebersol's Alliance of American Football launching this coming February, McMahon is already behind the 8-ball, but the mindset seems to be that he's trying to lure disgruntled NFL fans away with an improved product. Sounds like he's trying to curry favor with his pal, President Trump, whose relentless Twantrums against NFL players, in turn, sound like more hyperbole to stir up his base of closet bigots.

The plan is $500 million over three years. The original XFL barely got through its lone season in 2001, so what makes McMahon think it'll work differently this time, aside from not being associated with WWE?

To paraphrase an old cliche, a fool and his brains are soon parted......
Finally, some sad news from WWE.

Tough Enough season 3 co-winner Matt Cappotelli, 38, passed away late last week due to brain cancer. Cappotelli was forced to retire just three years into his wrestling career, then became a trainer and motivational speaker himself. Let's take you back in time to the night Cappotelli earned his developmental contract.....

Co-winner John Hennegan, now known alternately as John Morrison, Johnny Mundo, or Johnny Impact, depending on where he is on a given night, will be in town at Bruno Stadium with NorthEast Wrestling on July 14.

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