Friday, July 20, 2018

Weasel of the Week: Mike Cernovich

When Disney & Marvel release "Guardians of The Galaxy 3", or whatever it'll be called, James Gunn won't be at the helm.

Gunn, who directed the first two films, was fired earlier today after a series of old tweets, in which Gunn poked fun at rape and pedophilia, resurfaced, thanks to a right wing conservative pundit named Mike Cernovich.

Much like Milwaukee Brewers pitcher Mike Hader, Gunn's tweets are as much as 10 years old, but although Gunn had deleted the tweets from his own account, Cernovich and other like-minded social nannies were able to find them. Seems that Gunn has been critical of President Trump (like, who hasn't), and, so, it figures that a dweeb like Cernovich would resort to this kind of chicanery. Disney, understandably, didn't want to soil its family-friendly image, and dismissed Gunn.

I don't condone either side in this case. I see Cernovich for what he is, a pathetic Weasel cutting down Gunn at the height of his fame. Gunn made the tweets before he became the hot commodity he is or was, and took care to delete them, thinking no one would dare to search them out if they were archived somewhere (and they were). All you're doing, Mike Cernovich, is exploiting James Gunn to call attention to your own website and podcast, or whatever it is you do to push your agenda. You're piggy-backing on his fame, tearing him down at the same time, and that makes you a Weasel of the highest order. Enjoy the Weasel of the Week award, bubbelah. You deserve it.

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