Friday, October 7, 2011

The Dunce Cap Award: Hank Williams, Jr.

On Monday, country singer Hank Williams, Jr. appeared on Fox & Friends and came up with one of the lamest analogies in known history.

Williams, noting that President Obama and House Speaker John Boehner had met for a round of golf recently, likened the meeting to the prospect of Israeli President Benjamin Natanyahu having a chance encounter with the late German dictator, Adolf Hitler, as if to say, something like that shouldn't have happened. What's wrong with putting party loyalties aside in the name of sports, Hank?

The reaction was swift from ESPN, which took over Monday Night Football a few years ago. Williams recorded the theme and video intro for the series back in 1989, but, just a month into the season, the song was pulled prior to Monday's Colts-Buccaneers game. On Thursday, Williams & ESPN agreed to part company, just a month into the 23rd season of their "partnership". However, each side has their own take on the controversy. Williams is claiming his right to free speech is being compromised. ESPN simply decided it was time to move on. Who's really right here? It doesn't matter.

Now, I can't be certain of where Williams' political loyalties lie, but he clearly suffered from a case of foot-in-mouth disease, however unintentionally it might've been. ESPN, a unit of the Walt Disney Company, didn't want to be caught in the political firestorm. Similarly, AFLAC dismissed comedian Gilbert Gottfried as the voice of their duck mascot earlier this year for joking about the disasters in Japan, so you really can't blame Disney/ESPN for making their decision. Come Monday, we'll know how they'll replace Willaims at the top of Monday Night Football. Maybe they can borrow Faith Hill from NBC, and...!

Anyway, Williams gets a Dunce Cap for his misguided comments. He may not have his "rowdy friends" tuning into ESPN anymore, but what else are they going to watch? NASCAR season's almost over......


magicdog said...

I was watching this segment as it happened, and while I think Williams shouldn't have said what he did, I think the media (as usual) is blowing this up way more than it deserves.

I remember Brian Kilmeade immediately accused Williams of comparing Obama to Hitler which wasn't the context. I'm guessing Williams was trying (ineffectually) to express displeasure in Obama's and Boener's desire to negotiate despite them being having opposite agendas. Essentially he didn't think these two should be hanging out together if they want to stop each other's political goals.

Of course Williams' tongue appeared to have been loosened courtesy of a few drinks.

ESPN is within its rights to let him go, and Williams should have been more careful about what he says on national TV.

Crhymethinc said...

The drug addicted alcoholic son of a drug addicted alcoholic. 'nuff said.

hobbyfan said...

A few drinks that early in the morning? Nah. "Bocephus" was just being stupid.