Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Spook Rock: Somebody's Watching Me (1985)

Among the popular themes in modern horror movies are fear & paranoia. That is, someone thinks they're being stalked, but don't know by whom or why, and end up jumping at every shadow that comes along.

Thus, it is sort of appropriate that Rockwell's 1985 1-hit wonder, "Somebody's Watching Me", falls into our Halloween playlist. It's not the first song in the 80's to use this theme, and you can imagine that there have been others since. What helped "Somebody" race up the charts was the chorus, sung by an uncredited Michael Jackson, who was returning to Motown to help his old boss, Berry Gordy, by giving Rockwell, Gordy's nephew, a helping hand. In this case, I guess no credit was really necessary.

Uploaded by RockwellVEVO:


magicdog said...

Boy does that video bring back memories!!

The song was eerily catchy and the video suitably creepy - I remember thinking that the neighborhood mailman might be something more!

hobbyfan said...

If only because the mailman was mentioned in the lyrics. Apparently the songwriters had seen too many slasher movies, and....!