Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Dunce Cap Award: Tim Larsen

Mr. Larsen is a Republican Congressman from Connecticut who is proposing that Halloween, which has been October 31 for seemingly forever, be switched to the last Saturday in October. Why? Why mess with tradition?

In Mr. Larsen's defense, he's trying to make it easier for parents who have to race home from work on a weekday and take their kids out trick-or-treating before it gets dark, then have dinner and retire early to go to work or school the next morning. If Halloween is moved to a permanent slot at the end of October, which for example would be October 27 next year were this lame idea be signed into law, then the families have all day to celebrate, rather than have it on a weekend two out of every 5-6 years.

Connecticut Governor Malloy is against the idea, and rightfully so. Where Mr. Larsen fails is in not recognizing that some elementary schools might still have Halloween parties during the school day when it falls on a weekday, as it will for three more years before it reaches the weekend again in 2015, barring the passing of Larsen's legislation. On a weekday, kids are more apt to save some of their candy and other "loot" to bring to school the next day either for snacks or to share with classmates. The proposal, its detractors will say, is another example of government micromanaging and meddling where they don't belong.

Assuming Mr. Larsen is himself a parent, I can see his point, but if he succeeds, what's next? Deciding that all other holidays have to be on weekends, too? To paraphrase the famed author, Ray Bradbury, something stupid this way comes, and for Tim Larsen, it's a dunce cap, for assuming he is championing parents everywhere when he really isn't. Sometimes, you just don't mess with tradition without risking consequences, and Halloween is a tradition that should be left well enough alone.


magicdog said...

Considering there are far more important issues to deal with than whether or not Halloween should be moved on the calender, I think the dunce cap is deserved.

My sister and I had no problems with doing a full day of school followed by a couple of hours trick or treating. That's what the sugar is for, right??

Of course we stopped going door to door by the time we hit Jr. High (transitioning to costume parties instead), so it ceased being an issue.

There must be a different reason why he wants to do this. Follow the money!

hobbyfan said...

I stopped going trick or treating when I was 13. The way I see it, Larsen is looking out for soccer mom votes come re-election time.