Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Maybe he should start reading the papers.......

It's one thing to be a fan of a celebrity, but in this day and age, some people think that isn't enough anymore.

Earlier this year, I handed out a pair of weasel ears to a 60-something fellow for his outrageous plans to stalk WWE diva Maryse Ouellette. Now comes a 46 year old man from Chicago who traveled to Los Angeles to meet, and, according to him, perhaps kill, actress-singer Selena Gomez (The Wizards of Waverly Place), who is old enough to be his daughter. Like, I don't know if this fellow has the funds to buy newspapers or magazines like People, else he'd know that Ms. Gomez, 19, is currently dating Canadian teen idol Justin Bieber. Nothing says "look, but don't touch" better than reading about celebrity couples in the gossip columns. Sure, she's attractive and famous, but you treat her the same as you would someone in her age group closer to home. If she's spoken for, brother, move on. There'll always be someone else.

Not surprisingly, there is a restraining order out against the man, who reportedly threatened some passers-by the other day, attempting to scratch their eyes out. For what? Because he thought they looked at him funny? Predictably, it's been said that he's mentally ill. That's been taken for granted too often these days, given all the cases where defendants are using insanity as a defense. Oh, give me a break. Seems to me that the guy exhausted all of his options for finding someone at home that might be more compatible, and then hitched his wagon to someone like Selena, whom he sees on TV and finds to be what he thinks is the ideal mate. It's nice to dream, dude, but if that's all you're doing with your free time, you've got to open your eyes and take a closer look at what's out there.

What is wrong with doing a little research? If you can't buy the morning paper, they've always got a reading copy at the local library. Celebrity magazines? Ditto. If our Second City Stalker is legitimately psychologically impaired, well, I honestly don't know, short of therapeutic treatement, what would be a solution for him. You know the phrase, "there's plenty of fish in the sea"? It definitely applies here.


magicdog said...

I almost feel sorry for this guy.

No question he's mentally ill, but it obviously stems from not having been able to form normal relationships with people.

I've had plenty of crushes on celebs over the years, but never did I approach these people or even write a fan letter. I preferred to keep the mystique alive.

Eventually the feelings passed and I moved on to real relationships.

This guy has so little in his life that obsessing over Selena Gomez is all he has. One who's also old enough to be his daughter! That's pathetic.

These people can be potentially dangerous since they may decide to take their "love" one step further. Remember Rebecca Shaeffer? John Hinckley? David Letterman's stalker?

Poor guy needs to get checked into the nearest mental health facility ASAP, or E! will add Gomez's name to one of their "True Hollywood Stories - Dead Teen Idols" specials.

hobbyfan said...

I hear ya. The way I see it, there's a line between stars and their fans that has been routinely crossed over the last 30-odd years. You cited the tragic case of Rebecca Shaeffer (My Sister Sam). John Hinckley thought shooting Reagan would impress Jodie Foster. All Jodie's done since is win 2 Oscars and make tons of great movies. Margaret Ray tried multiple times to pass herself off to police as David Letterman's wife, long before the man finally got married. Ray's case, I think, is the one that best correlates with what Selena Gomez is going through.

In the end, I think, Selena will be like Jodie and survive.

Crhymethinc said...

But don't you understand?!!! They are destined to be together. It is fate. Justin Bieber is just a passing fad for her. (jk).

hobbyfan said...

The joke isn't funny, Chryme.