Monday, April 9, 2012

Mike Wallace (1918-2012)

If there was ever anyone in television or radio news that defined the term, investigative reporter, it would be Mike Wallace, who was one of the original anchors of CBS' long-running 60 Minutes until his retirement in 2006. Wallace's last interview on the program aired in 2008. On Saturday, Wallace passed away at 93.

Before 60 Minutes, Wallace had been well established not only on television, but in radio, having been not only a newsman, but also an actor and announcer. Shifting over to television, Wallace, like some of his CBS contemporaries, hosted quiz shows on the side, and was the MC for the pilot of what would become To Tell The Truth, with radio actor Bud Collyer tapped as host when it went to series.

My first memory of Wallace was the syndicated anthology series, Biography, produced by David L. Wolper. It was still in reruns as far back as the early 70's as far as I can recall. Here's a clip introducing an episode on Pope Pius XII:

Wallace is the 2nd 60 Minutes personality to have passed within the last year, following Andy Rooney. Now, they can start swapping old war stories all over again. Rest in peace, Mike.


magicdog said...

Wallace left a long legacy.

I do remember seeing the "Biography" show in syndication in the 80s. There was no mistaking his unique voice during the narration.

hobbyfan said...

I think that had been on A & E in that network's formative years, which led to them reviving the show in the 90s.