Thursday, April 19, 2012

Weasel of the Week: Verna McClain

We've heard stories like this before. A woman, unable to have a child for some reason, steals someone else's baby and/or kills the mother, then tries to pass the newborn off as her own. What makes this story worse is that the suspect in this case is a nurse!

Verna McClain, according to police, had suffered a miscarriage, but told her fiance that she just had a child. What that says all by itself is that she was too ashamed to admit the truth. She leaves her husband, with whom she had three kids, for some other fellow, and miscarries #4. To ensure she kept her word to the guy, she has to steal a 3 day old infant and kill his mother. And you think this only happens in the movies? Ohhhh, no!

McClain even tried to scam her own family. She told her sister she was planning to adopt. One lie after another creates more holes in the story than a cake of swiss cheese. The police had no problem closing this case. I feel sorry for the hospital where McClain worked, but then again, some of those other stories of baby abductions have also involved nurses.

Look, it takes a lot of courage, not to mention honesty and humbleness, to admit something went wrong. If she just told the baby daddy she lost the child, I don't think he'd have had a problem. He hasn't been heard from----yet-----, but figure he eventually will. After all, there's probably some fly-by-night filmmaker who wants to turn this into a movie of the week for Lifetime, since the broadcast networks don't do this sort of thing anymore. Instead, McClain hid her shame and embarassment behind lies, and now must pay the price. Our gift is a set of weasel ears. Sorry, but they don't come with diapers.

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