Thursday, April 5, 2012

On The Air: Santino's Foreign Exchange (2012)

Santino Marella (real name John Anthony Carelli) may be the court jester of the WWE these days, as well as its US champion, but giving him his own YouTube show may be asking for trouble.

On this installment of Santino's Foreign Exchange, taped in England late last year, Marella tries to claim that he actually submitted some songs to the Beatles when  he was a child. Uh, that would be impossible. You see, if my math is correct, Marella wasn't yet born when the Beatles were one of the biggest acts in show business. This is where the running gag of this episode fails. Any educated fan, be it of music or WWE or both, can see right through Marella's scam. See if you can figure out where he trips himself up........

He should try to do stand-up comedy. I hear they are looking for someone to be the next Norm Crosby (part of Marella's schtick is his malaprops)...

Rating: C.

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