Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Dunce Cap Award: Benjamin I H Doyle

This week, we're sending out a Dunce Cap to a father in Iowa who committed the cardinal sin of trespassing on the field of play during a high school soccer game-----to pull his son off the field!

Benjamin IH Doyle, who is employed at the University of Iowa, felt that his son's grades were not good enough to warrant him playing soccer. Now, where I live, in upstate NY, soccer is a fall sport, has been for years. I guess the song is right. To everything, there is a season. I digress. Anyway, school officials, and the child's mother, presumably an estranged spouse or girlfriend of Doyle's---she was never identiified and neither was the child---felt that the kid's grades were actually good enough to allow him to play. I guess Doyle wouldn't be satisified unless his son was a straight-A student, and the kid, for all we know, could be getting B or C level grades. Police arrested Doyle, charging him with trespass and he's been banished from Iowa City High activities.

He admitted he let his temper get the best of him later on, realizing his mistake. And now you know why he's getting a Dunce Cap instead of weasel ears.

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