Wednesday, May 9, 2012

These Weasels have no names to protect them from public humiliation

We are handing out some more Weasel of the Week awards, as Teresa Bloodman's brainless lawsuit in Arkansas was just the tip of the iceberg, if ya will, when it comes to the actions of a few mindless souls.

In Minnesota, an unwed mother and her beau shaved the head of her 12 year old daughter and made her wear a diaper (!) as a bizarre form of punishment because of bad grades. Yo, when I was a kid, a bad report card simply meant I was grounded for a few days. Seems to me that Mama Nutjob may have spent too much time doing anything other than raising her kid beforehand, if ya catch my drift.

In Los Angeles, two masseurs have separately sued actor John Travolta for lewd conduct, which will begin a fresh round of insinuations about his true sexual orientation. Travolta's lawyer says that Travolta was nowhere near California when any of the alleged incidents went down, and that the masseurs might've been fooled by a lookalike, or a reasonable facsimile of one, such that they thought it was the real deal. I was tempted to pockmark this with some classic Vinnie Barbarino schtick from Welcome Back, Kotter (I think you know what I mean), but we'll pass.

Meanwhile, a small hip-hop label is suing the Beastie Boys for copyright infringement due to some samples used on their first two CD's, "License to Ill" & "Paul's Boutique". Problem is, the copyright laws the jabroni label is referencing didn't go into effect until well after those records were released. I won't even waste time mentioning the name of the label to save them further embarassment.

One of my teachers in my senior year in high school said it best. Stupidity runs rampant. Oh, it sure does.

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