Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Weasel of the Week: Donald Trump

For the 2nd time, Donald Trump, not content with plotting the next season of Celebrity Apprentice, or any of his other business ventures, has earned a pair of weasel ears, and this time, we'll add a tail, because, let's face it, the man has absolutely no shame.

Trump hosted a fundraiser for Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney on Tuesday, and also called into the CNN program, The Situation Room, engaging in a debate with host Wolf Blitzer over----what else?---Trump's link to the "birthers". Trump thought the discussion was going to be about jobs and other campaign issues, but Blitzer, it seems, had other ideas.

The scenario now presented with Trump hitching his wagon to Romney tells me that Trump, who flirted with making a run for the White House himself before common sense took over, may be the x factor that costs Romney the election. Trump has never met a camera he didn't like, and he'll use the Romney campaign to keep the "birther" movement afloat for a few more months. It isn't enough that President Obama's approval rating is dropping, which ideally would set the stage for Romney to win the election in November, but Trump's involvement may offset that. Voters may be inclined to believe that they'd rather have the lesser of two evils, bearing in mind that under Obama's watch, our military forces took down Osama bin Laden a year ago, and might stick with the current President instead of making a change now. As long as Trump gets photo ops in the vicinity of Romney, it compromises the former Massachusetts governor's campaign.

The bottom line is, the "birthers" have, according to a Yahoo! article, been discredited, and the subject should be closed. As long as Trump's around, it won't be. If Romney wins, that won't be the end of the "birther" debate, because then, Trump may be looking at further discrediting the President. Do we really want that happening? I don't think so.

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