Saturday, May 26, 2012

Musical Interlude: And We Danced (1985)

A night at the drive-in, and the main attraction is......The Hooters?

That was the idea behind the video for "And We Danced", the 2nd single from the band's 1985 album, "Nervous Night". With drive-in theatres having opened for the season, you wonder sometimes why bands don't play there as opening acts anymore.......!

Uploaded by the band's VEVO channel.


magicdog said...

I used to like The Hooters back in the day. They seemed to disappear after, "And We Danced".

"All You Zombies", made a big impression on me , as it wasn't often Biblical stories turned up in a mainstream Rock song!

hobbyfan said...

Sooner or later, I'm going to put "All You Zombies" up, preferably after I do some research to find a connection between the Biblical references to Moses & Noah and the zombies in the song.