Saturday, June 16, 2012

Celebrity Rock: Light of Day (1987)

One of the biggest films of 1987 was "Light of Day", which paired Michael J. Fox (Family Ties) with rock babe Joan Jett. The band in the movie was known as the Barbusters, and also boasted actor-musician Michael McKean (Spinal Tap, ex-Laverne & Shirley), whom you'll also see in the following clip. Adding to the song's street cred is the fact that it was written by no less than The Boss, Bruce Springsteen. Now, how can you go wrong?

Fox was no stranger to rocking out on screen, either. He did some playing in "Back To The Future", too, but I think this might have been his only visit to the Top 40. "Light", of course, got a ton of heavy airplay on MTV when it broke, and rightfully so. Fox & McKean are barely audible on backing vocals behind the high octane Jett, but then again........!

Enough said.

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