Thursday, June 28, 2012

Don Grady (1944-2012)

He was a Mouseketeer before he became one of My Three Sons, for which most fans still remember him. Today, Hollywood is mourning the passing of actor-musician Don Grady after a lengthy bout with cancer, less than three weeks after his 68th birthday.

Grady, born Don Agrati, made his debut on the original Mickey Mouse Club, and was later cast in one of the sequels to its popular Spin & Marty series. Grady and co-star Tim Considine would later be reunited on My Three Sons, with Considine leaving after 4 seasons. Grady stayed with the show until 1971, when his character, Robbie Douglas, was written out.

In later years, Grady turned his attention to music, and even had formed a band while on Sons. In addition to recording, Grady composed music for movies and television, most notably including Phil Donahue's seminal talk show.

Here, Don goes solo in appearing on American Bandstand in 1964.

Rest in peace, Don.


magicdog said...

So sorry to hear about this.

Like so many of us, I grew up seeing the syndicated repeats of MTS and it was fun to see the cast grow up. I had heard he was a successful musician and songwriter as well.

I remember seeing a recent gathering of the surviving castmembers of MTS (they were receiving an honor of some sort) and conspicuously, Don wasn't there. Obviously, we now know why.

RIP Mr. Grady. Robbie Douglas shall live on forever.

hobbyfan said...

I remember seeing MTS in repeats as well, back when CBS would air said reruns as part of their daytime lineup.

Now you have to wonder if Me-TV will finally get a clue and do a MTS marathon.......