Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Weasel of the Week: Elizabeth Lloyd

At the ballpark, they always tell us to watch out for flying bats and foul balls. Then again, no one ever thinks that someone will one day file a lawsuit.

In 2010, during a game at Manchester Little League in New Jersey, Matthew Migliaccio was warming up a relief pitcher when an errant throw got past the fence and struck Elizabeth Lloyd in the face while she was sitting at a picnic table, minding her own business. Today, Mrs. Lloyd has earned a pair of weasel ears for daring to file a lawsuit against Migliaccio, now 13. According to the Prep Rally blog on Yahoo!, Mrs. Lloyd and her lawyers claim the errant toss was intentional, allegedly causing "severe, painful, and permanent injuries", and filed the misguided throw under "assault & battery".

Mrs. Lloyd isn't alone. Her husband has filed suit as well, claiming "lost services, society, & consortium of his wife", according to Prep Rally, and the Lloyds also claim that Migliaccio was involved in "inappropriate" activity.


Was Mrs. Lloyd paying any attention to the game in the first place? We cannot say for sure. What is certain is that the Lloyds and their ambulance chasers are unfairly targeting Migliaccio for a simple case of human error. Anthony Pagano, who is representing the Migliaccio family, told the Associated Press that the Lloyds' suit is "disgusting" and "horrible", and he's right. I don't know who it was that gave the Lloyds the idea of suing the Migliaccios, but don't expect to see these two square off on Family Feud any time soon. The People's Court or Judge Judy would happily settle this case, and teach the Lloyds and their money-grubbing attorneys a thing or three. The Lloyds want $150,000, plus an unspecified additional sum for "pain & suffering". What Elizabeth Lloyd gets for now is a set of weasel ears for picking on a child for making a simple mistake. We don't even know if Migliaccio even apologized for what happened that day. If he did, it fell on deaf ears. Then again, Elizabeth Lloyd may already be blind to reality.


magicdog said...

Outrageous, but an example of our new litigeous society.

Accidents happen. Back when I was a kid, if Mrs. Lloyd had been hit in the face, the fair thing to do would be for the Migliaccio's to pay for the woman's medical bills and be done with it.

Where the hell do they get off claiming lost services & consortium of the wife?????

I've seen the ball field where this occured and there's no way Mrs. Lloyd could not have known she was taking a risk where she was sitting. The picnic table was just off the batting cage. It's not much different than someone who take the risk of being hit by a foul ball at a league game. It's not likely you'll get hit by a ball, but it's a possibility.

The Lloyds should withdraw their suit and reach for a pair of paper bags.

hobbyfan said...

I think that maybe they're just being lazy and want an easy out at someone else's expense. Why no one has come forward to debunk her claims is an even bigger mystery. I'd like to meet the shyster representing them and lay the verbal smack down for taking this fool's folly.