Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Nora Ephron (1941-2012)

Acclaimed author, filmmaker, and three-time Oscar nominee Nora Ephron passed away earlier tonight at the age of 71.

Ms. Ephron is best known for having written the screenplays for films such as "When Harry Met Sally", which starred Billy Crystal & Meg Ryan, and two more films which Ryan starred in, both with Tom Hanks--"Sleepless in Seattle" & "You've Got Mail". She also wrote the novel, "Heartburn", which later became a feature film that starred Jack Nicholson & Meryl Streep. Don't be too shocked if any or all of these films suddenly begin airing on cable in the coming days.

Rest in peace, Nora.


magicdog said...

RIP to Ms. Ephron.

I liked many of her rom-coms, and it's sad there will never be another from her.

hobbyfan said...

I wonder, though, if there's anything she'd published recently that hadn't already been optioned for a movie that could be done in her memory. It'd be a fitting send-off, don't you think?