Thursday, June 21, 2012

Weasel of the Week: Kenn Doane

Mr. Doane is a former wrestler with WWE, best remembered perhaps as part of the 5-man troupe known as the Spirit Squad back in 2006. At that time, Doane was engaged to fellow wrestler Mickie James, but within a couple of years, the engagement was broken off, Doane was cut from the roster, and, until recently, hadn't been heard from all that much.

Now, he's making the rounds of the internet dirt sheet sites and using Twitter to air his dirty laundry about James, who's now moonlighting as a country singer when not appearing with TNA, and her failed relationship with one of WWE's current top dogs, John Cena. Doane claims no animosity toward Cena, as they both came up through Ohio Valley Wrestling (now affiliated with TNA), and their roster debuts separated by about 3 1/2 years (Cena was called up 10 years ago this month, Doane at the end of 2005). So why is he dishing the dirt now, while Cena is going through what potentially could be a nasty divorce from his wife?

Because, quite frankly, Doane seems to have become the forgotten man. He has been working independent promotions since leaving WWE about 4 years ago, and, contrary to his claims, he's using Cena's fame to pick up an additional 15 minutes of his own. Oh, sure, he could've taken a chance and signed with TNA, which would've led to a reunion with James, for better or worse, depending on how one looks at that scenario, but he opted against it, and, given the shaky management there, it might be the best decision he never made.

The timing of Doane's tweets and internet interviews happen to be beyond dubious or atrocious. He is claiming that Cena wanted fellow grappler Randy Orton fired 6 years ago, but that sounds like a bunch of sour grapes. Again, the timing is dubious in the wake of Orton having been suspended a few weeks back for violating the WWE's Wellness Policy, his second such violation. Certain sites are claiming there is a movement within WWE to give Orton his walking papers after 10 years, but I doubt he's leaving because WWE knows TNA will sign Orton in a heartbeat, just like they scooped up James 2 years ago after she was cut.

During his time in WWE, Doane, I felt, was all mouth, too much flash, and short on real skills. His mouth got him in trouble in the ring, and now it gets him a set of weasel ears. Hey, it could've been worse, but I don't have any pom poms, not even the candies by that name, to send him.......!

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