Thursday, August 23, 2012

Celebrity Rock: Don't Give Up on Us (1976)

David Soul began his career as a masked singer-songwriter under the handle, "The Covered Man", in the 60's. The ski mask came off, however, when Soul landed his first series gig with 1968's Here Come The Brides, and his music career was put on hold, although Soul did sing a Christmas duet with Bobby Sherman on the show.

8 years later, with Starsky & Hutch a massive hit for ABC, Soul went back to the recording studio, signing with Private Stock Records, and released the romantic ballad, "Don't Give Up on Us", which hit #1 in the UK in the winter of 1976-7, and I believe it went top 5, if not #1 as well, here in the US.

Kristen Roels uploaded this clip.

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