Friday, August 24, 2012

The shaming of an innocent man

The US Anti-Doping Agency should be ashamed of themselves.

Someone high up in that august body has a vendetta against 7-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong, and has succeeded in completely defaming the cancer survivor, as it is being reported today that Armstrong has given up his fight to clear his name. What that means is that Armstrong will be stripped of his 7 Tour titles, and despite having recently retired from competition, he will be banned for life from the sport.

And for what? Because some jealous jabroni claims Armstrong used PED's? Armstrong has pointed to numerous tests taken during that run, and they all came back negative, meaning he passed. Apparently, whomever it is in the USADA that has it in for him didn't believe Armstrong or the tests. This person failed to acknowledge what was already a matter of public record, that Armstrong had beaten cancer, had established the LiveStrong Foundation for fellow cancer patients, and was being hailed as a hero.

Armstrong attempted a brief comeback a couple of years ago, but didn't win another Tour. He decided then and there that he'd raced for the last time. That should've been the end of it, but to the USADA, it wasn't. It isn't up to them to strip Armstrong of his wins, but they're applying the pressure. Why would a cancer survivor resort to taking a shortcut to succeed when he wants to prove he's a role model for fellow patients?

The USADA claimed they had witnesses that could prove Armstrong's guilt, but refused to produce them for the press. That's enough to tell me that they were bluffing, and had been all along. They refused to end their hounding of Armstrong, so convinced were they that the man was a fraud. They should look in a mirror and see the real frauds. Themselves.


magicdog said...

I'm really starting to wonder who DID Armstrong piss off.

I think the whole thing is a travesty! Armstrong is being punished for being an exceptional athlete. The USADA (a tax funded non profit BTW) has no power in stripping Armstrong of his titles, the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) does. Since they haven't found a reason to think Armstrong cheated (having passed 500 different blood & urine tests) they have told the USADA to drop the persecution. Worst still the USADA wants to take Armstrong's money that he rightfully won through the races and endorsements! WTH??

Not to mention making these wins "disappear" the same way Penn State didn't win those football games since 1998. How very Soviet of them to just "make it no longer exist".

The only reason for Armstrong letting this go is because he doesn't have the infinite resources his persecutors have.

USADA Chief Executive Officer Travis T. Tygart should be fitted for a pair of weasal ears and a dunce cap post haste!!

hobbyfan said...

Whatever happened to Dick "Dog" Pound, who was the jabroni in charge of the USADA a while back? I lose track, and the next thing I know, this clown Tygart is in charge.

The USADA may have some powerful political connections in order to allow their persecution of Armstrong continue unabated, and if Tygart happens to be politically connected himself, I'd like to know with whom!

Oh, and if you'll recall, I did a previous posting where I did hand out some weasel ears to Tygart and his bunch.