Monday, August 20, 2012

Scott McKenzie (1939-2012) & Tony Scott (1944-2012)

We are saying farewell to two more today.

Filmmaker Tony Scott is remembered mostly for the mid-80's actioner, "Top Gun", which starred Tom Cruise & Val Kilmer, but he also directed a number of other films during the 80's & 90's. Scott, reportedly, took his own life, reasons unknown, at 68.

Singer Scott McKenzie had just one big hit back in the 60's, "San Francisco", which still gets some airplay today on oldies radio stations. What some people might not know is that "San Francisco" was written by John Phillips of The Mamas & The Papas. Flowerpowerboxset uploaded this Beat Club performance by McKenzie of "San Francisco":

McKenzie was 63.

Rest in peace.


magicdog said...

Sorry to hear of both men's passing.

Regarding McKenzie, yet another time in which I finally have a face to put with the name & song. He died rather young.

I'm not surprised San Francisco was penned by Papa John, as it definitely sounded like something the Mammas & The Papas would have sang.

Trouble is, SF isn't quite that flower paradise the song made it out to be.

hobbyfan said...

I'm guessing the Mamas & Papas may have in fact recorded their own version as an album track.

I think the video I used may have previously been used on VH1's "My Generation" and other oldies video shows.

Hans van Genderen said...

lot of people found something in that son, something beautiful.....the succes was unintentional and its real meaning got a bit swept away. One should have known Scott as his he was to fully understand this song, I count myself lucky to being able to call him my friend and brother.

hobbyfan said...

Thanks for the kind words.