Monday, August 13, 2012

Weasels of the Week: Michael & Margaret Pollara

While we're trying to determine who in the WWE deserves the Weasel ears, we're handing out two pairs to a mother-son team of thieves/con artists who targeted over 100 Toys R Us stores across the country, stealing expensive, big-ticket toy items, stashing them inside boxes meant for cheaper product, in effect undercutting the retailer at the checkout, then selling the hot property online to the tune of over $2 million.

Margaret Pollara, 70, and her son, Michael, were arrested in Miami on Thursday. The biggest mistake they made was the younger Pollara using a store-issued rewards card to make his purchases, enabling authorities to track the chain of events leading to the Pollaras' arrest.

What motivated the Pollaras? What else? Flat, outright greed, thumbing their noses at the system. Now, authorities will be likely working with eBay to locate the customers who purchased the stolen toys from Michael Pollara, delivering the sad news that they may have to return those toys to Toys R Us. The World's Biggest Toy Store was indeed big enough to let these two selfish Weasels run their little shell game without impunity for way too long.

Bank on this. Santa Claus already has these two ticketed for a lifetime supply of coal. We'll forward their address to the Candyass Cafe, corner of Know Your Role Blvd. & Jabroni Drive. Since they were in Miami, well, maybe they'll find a picture of the Rock waiting for them when they get there, people's eyebrow raised and glaring........

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