Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Marvin Hamlisch (1944-2012) & Judith Crist (1922-2012)

Two more passings to report.

Judith Crist may be well known as a film critic, her reviews having appeared in the New York Herald Tribune & TV Guide, and Crist was a regular contributor to Today before Gene Shalit took over as their in-house film critic, if memory serves. Mrs. Crist passed away at 90, was still teaching classes on film, I believe, up to her passing. She is survived by her son, Steven, a handicapper for the Daily Racing Form.

Composer Marvin Hamlisch passed away suddenly over the weekend at 68.  Hamlisch will be remembered for introducing Scott Joplin's "The Entertainer" to a new generation of listeners in the 1973 movie, "The Sting", and followed that up with the title song to the 1974 film, "The Way We Were", the title song sung by Barbra Streisand. Hamlisch also co-wrote "Nobody Does It Better", which became a hit for Carly Simon, on the soundtrack to the James Bond adventure, "The Spy Who Loved Me".

Rest in peace.


magicdog said...

Believe it or not, my first introduction to Marvin Hamlish (aside from "The Sting" score) was his appearance on a TV show back in the 80s called "Great Space Coaster". The puppets had trouble pronouncing his last name for some reason.

Truly a great loss, especially since he was still rather young and was obviously still very active.

I also remember Judith Crist. I barely remember her reviews for NBC but her name was always a fixture in local papers so she was always well known by movie goers.

hobbyfan said...

What I wanted to do was locate a clip of Hamlisch appearing on the Muppet Show, but couldn't come up with anything. I didn't recall him being on Great Space Coaster (and I didn't watch that show regularly enough), else I'd have used that clip. Oh, well.