Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Countdown to Christmas: A Vision of Sugar Plums (Bewitched, 1964)

From Season 1 of Bewitched comes this holiday tale that illustrates two sides of the story about caring for orphans at Christmas.

Abner Kravitz (George Tobias) is only agreeing to take in an orphan for Christmas only, despite wife Gladys' attempts to convince him otherwise. They don't have children, and this would be a good start. Meanwhile, Darrin (Dick York) & Samantha (Elizabeth Montgomery), with a new Christmas tree installed at home, welcome a young boy (Billy Mumy, one year before Lost In Space) into their home. I am not certain, but this might've given the producers the impetus to eventually give the Stephenses their own children (Tabitha & Adam) in later seasons to complete the family.

Update: 12/19/15: This episode is included on a DVD compilation I recently acquired, so I finally got to see this. The colorized version you're seeing (now all in one, though the Dailymotion poster put the wrong episode number & title on it purposely to avoid the copyright police), presumably, comes from a rebroadcast when the series went to color. Look close for a cameo by Bill Daily (one year before I Dream of Jeannie) and Gerry Johnson (who took over for Bea Benaderet on The Flintstones) at the end of the show.

Rating: B.


magicdog said...

I've seen this ep before and it's great! I'd rate it an A! The Kravitzes were never more likeable (and I must admit, I think Alice Pearce was a better Gladys). Gladys was totally into the Christmas spirit, and Abner's one liners were also hilarious! I think it might have been interesting if they had adopted a kid.

The main reason for the addition of Tabitha (and later Adam) into the Stephens Family was a simple one: Elizabeth Montgomery was pregnant so hubby William Asher wrote it into the series. Even if she weren't expecting IRL, I still think Sam & Darrin would have had kids anyway, it was the natural order of things.

This ep is colorized, as it aired during the show's B&W era.

magicdog said...


For the heck of it, I checked the inflation calculator on the cost of that Christmas tree. It seems $18.00 in 1964 is equal to $128.78 today!! Plus the $5.00 delivery charge would be another 35.77!!

No wonder Sam used her magic! Way cheaper!