Thursday, November 15, 2012

Rockin' Funnies: Owwwww! (1989)

Arsenio Hall wasn't content with just a hit talk show. Copying his best pal, Eddie Murphy, Hall went into a recording studio and created the comic alter-ego, Chunky A, and recorded the CD, "Large & In Charge", which, like the talk show, came out in 1989.

Hall waddled about in a fat suit, but didn't feel comfortable padding out his face, figuring that hiding his distinctive hairdo, which earned him the nickname, "Triangle Head", under a porkpie hat would be enough. Considering that this would be his only foray into music, it turned out to be true.

"Owwww!", the first single, is a left-handed sendup of Cameo frontman Larry Blackmon, who appears with his group early in the video. Of course it got a ton of airplay on MTV, but apparently, it ain't cool enough for VH1 Classic to air it on Totally 80's. Go figure. With Hall re-entering the talk show wars next year, renewing an old rivalry with Jay Leno, among other things, I'd not be surprised to see "Owwww!" and the follow-up single, "Sorry", back in play somewhere.

Ricola2727 uploaded "Owwww!".

As they used to chant in the dawg pound, "Woof! Woof!".

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