Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Election Day winners & losers

Ok, so President Obama won re-election by nearly 100 electoral votes over former Massachusetts Governor Willard "Mitt" Romney. It wasn't the landslide some people thought it would be, because reportedly, the popular vote was much closer. Congratulations, then, to President Obama and Vice President Biden. Now, the speculation should start sometime around 3 years from now on who would be in line to succeed them. Trust me, NY Governor Andrew Cuomo's name will be bandied about by then..........

In Connecticut, former WWE CEO Linda McMahon failed in her second---and, she says, last---attempt at the US Senate. This time, while husband Vince appeared on Monday Night Raw, airing on same-day tape from England, he didn't try anything that would sabotage his wife's chances. Playing the good guy for a change, McMahon subtly put some pressure on figurehead executive Vickie Guerrero, perhaps in an attempt to convince her to stop her bullying tactics, as we had outlined on Monday. Whether or not that succeeds is still to be decided, but if Mrs. McMahon is sure about her decision not to make another go at it in 2014, more power to her. They actually need her back at Titan Towers to help Vince hire some creative people who actually know what they're doing......!

Meanwhile, America's Wet Blanket, Donald Trump, was at it again, criticizing the result of the election. All that says is that the Obama administration has 4 more years of Trump and his birthers raising cain to extend their 15 minutes of infamy, or, in "The Donald"'s case, the downward spiral of his celebrity. In fact, NBC news anchor Brian Williams blasted Trump on the air on Tuesday, mindful of the fact that Trump has his reality show, Celebrity Apprentice, on the docket to return in March. If he keeps making a jerk out of himself between now & then, though, this might be the end of the trail for a reality show that's been on life support since Trump joined the birther movement.

Closer to home, not much of note changed, other than the fact that former Troy Mayor Henry Tutunjian failed in his bid to win a full term in the Rensselaer County Legislature. Tutunjian was appointed to fill the seat vacated by current Mayor Lou Rosamilia last year, in effect swapping positions. According to The Record, Tutunjian is ready to walk away from politics and into private life. You can bet, however, that he'll be back at some point, perhaps returning to the starting point of his political career, and running for City Council all over again. Not right away, but probably before the end of the decade.

Perhaps the oddest result of the election was that two states legalized the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes, which likely would set off another chain reaction. Problem with this is, too many people will use the pot for something other than medicine, just as they always have. I'd say, to make this work, you'd have to have some sort of documentation, and I don't mean a prescription, mind you, to prove you intend to use it as medicine.

Somewhere out there, Cheech & Chong are packing their bags for Colorado.........


magicdog said...

Winners: Lazy brats who play video games all day in mommy's basement, illegal aliens, political cronies and welfare recipients.

Losers: Everybody else.

At least locally, Shelly Berkley lost her bid for Senate and a tax referendum went down in flames so I won't be paying more for my home - yet.

Unfortunately Danny Tarkanian lost to an imperious Obama clone named Steve Horsford and having another tax and spend politico (who sees the rest of us as peasants) is the last thing we need now. Ditto for the other moron - Dina Titus. We barely voted her out 2 years ago - how the heck did she come back?

Unfortunately Harry Reid keeps control of the Senate a while longer, so forget about any budget coming for a vote.

Forget about the marijuana. The Feds have claimed they supercede state law, so they'll raid any dispenseries ASAP. At best, maybe some local PD will not be citing people with 1 oz or less of it for possession.

I wish Trump would keep quiet. I'm getting tired of his antics. Either start the revolution or sit down and shut it!!

Who will run in 2016? Haven't you heard? Elections will be suspended so that Obama can use the time to better straighten out the mess this country is in.

hobbyfan said...

The last part I write off as biting sarcasm. Obama ain't gonna be like FDR and get another term. They imposed term limits on the Presidency long ago.

Danny Tarkanian? Son of the basketball coach?

Trump is so used to the spotlight, he's become another attention-addicted celebrity. He had his chance, and walked away from the primaries because he realized he didn't really have a chance, and yet, here he is continuing to be a rabble-rouser. Obama has to deal with 4 more years of the birthers breathing down his neck. Now, if NBC were to cancel the Apprentice shows, that wouldn't dissuade Trumpski. He'll find some other bully pulpit to continue his disinfomation campaign.

magicdog said...

Danny is indeed the son of Tark The Shark!

He himself was coached by his dad on the 1982 UNLV Runnin' Rebels basketball team. He's been a business man and began entering politics during the past decade.

hobbyfan said...

Hmmm, methinks the networks missed a story there with Danny Tarkanian. Then again, I didn't watch election night coverage. I haven't in years.

magicdog said...

It was big news here in NV for obvious reasons, but you're right in that his campaign had the legs to go national. His campaign against Horsford was quite intense, although not quite as intense as the one between Dean Heller & Shelley "put it on the taxpayer's tab" Berkley.

hobbyfan said...

And, given the family connection, there wasn't any coverage on ESPN. Go figure.....