Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Classic TV: The Arsenio Hall Show (1989)

After nearly stealing the show from pal Eddie Murphy in "Coming To America", Arsenio Hall made history as the first African-American late-night talk show host, first attempting to salvage Fox's ill-fated Late Show, then being given his own, self-titled chat-fest, which lasted for 5 seasons (1989-94). You all know how the open goes, courtesy of retroboywontdie:

On September 9, Hall returns to late night, after signing a new deal with CBS Television Distribution, which owns the rights to the earlier series. I'd be surprised if announcer Burton Richardson didn't return with him, as this gig made Richardson as much of a household name as Hall. Richardson would later begin working on the former Goodson-Todman properties, such as To Tell The Truth & Family Feud, before being replaced on the latter by singer Joey Fatone when Steve Harvey took over as host of the Feud. You have to assume that when WWE's Ricardo Rodriguez does a long, drawn out intro for Alberto Del Rio, it might have been inspired by Richardson introducing Arseniooooooooooooooooooooooooo Halllllllllllll!

Rating: A-.

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