Monday, July 8, 2013

Of Weasels, Twits, and assorted other things

You know, I just can't figure some people out.

The pickings must be rather slim for political races in New York City this year. The tabloid media is having a field day with the news that Anthony Weiner is making a run for City Hall to succeed Mike Bloomberg, who has termed himself out after three terms. Weiner, we all thought, was done after he was forced out of Congress a couple of years back after pulling a Brett Favre with his private areas and a cell phone, if you get my drift. However, figuring that voters are a fickle, forgetful lot, despite their claims to the contrary, Weiner threw his hat in the ring. Somehow, I get the feeling it ain't going to end well for Weiner, whose next gig should be as a commercial spokesman for----what else?----hot dogs.

On the heels of Weiner's re-entry into the political arena comes former governor and failed talk show host Eliot Spitzer, who, according to today's New York Daily News, is entering the race for NYC Controller, since the guy currently in that position, John Liu, is running for Mayor. It's been five years since Spitzer was forced to resign in disgrace after it got out that he'd been involved with call girls. The funny thing is, former madam Kristen Davis is one of his opponents. Unfortunately for Davis, she's on the Libertarian line, which automatically means her chances of winning are S-O-L. Then again, it'll be a nightmare for women's groups if Spitzer & Weiner are both winners on Election Day.

Now, it's time to hand out some Weasel ears.

We'll start in Rockford, Il., with Marilyn Meyers, whose grandson, Cody Scarpetta, plunked Alex Rodriguez with a pitch on Saturday night in a minor league game. A-Rod, of course, is on injury rehab and figures to rejoin the Yankees in due course. Problem is, he ain't hitting worth a tinker's dang, but that didn't stop the media from picking up the story of young Mr. Scarpetta, the son of a career minor leaguer, hitting Rodriguez on the injured hip while pitching for the Brevard County Manatees. What gave the tabloids some juice was the fact that Mrs. Meyers, as well as Dan Scarpetta, Cody's dad, took aim at Rodriguez's damaged character. Talk about piling on and kicking someone when they're down. It would appear that Mrs. Meyers would rather that A-Rod just hang 'em up and go away.

Considering how badly Rodriguez is faring to this point, I'd say that, yeah, this is the last roundup. Hence, we'll send a case of Weasel ears to the editors at the Daily News for making a mountain out of a molehill when it wasn't necessary.

Now, it's on to everyone's least favorite Twit, Amanda Bynes, who's at it again, this time declaring on Twitter that President Obama, whom she tried enlisting aid from after a traffic arrest a ways back, and his wife, Michelle, are "ugly". Watch. In about a day or two, she'll backtrack, like she's done before with others. Face it, friends, the girl needs help. Shutting down her Twitter account to stop the schizophrenic twaddle, whether she likes it or not, would be a good start. By the way, Amanda, you're still more attractive as a brunette, so let the hair grow back and lose that lame blonde wig.

Closer to home, the sniping between Democrats & Republicans over Assembly Speaker Sheldon (Not So Sterling) Silver's inaction in the Vito Lopez mess is getting worse by the day.

Referencing the Daily News again, it seems that Silver's designated mouthpiece, Michael Whyland (shouldn't that be Whineland?), is accusing state GOP head Ed Cox of hypocrisy and using the attacks on Silver and Lopez as a cover for their own failures on women's issues. That's one thing, but what's worse is what's surfaced upstate over the last couple of weeks. Some anonymous jabroni went around Watervliet with fliers accusing Assemblyman Phil Steck of "violating the Constitution", presumably by enabling Silver's alleged mistreatment of women. There's no evidence to support this mystery writer's claims, and I haven't seen anything in the local papers on the matter regarding Steck. All I can figure is that this "John Doe" (or is it Jane Doe?) is another GOP type, but he/she is not getting the message out the right way. The fliers are one thing, but what will get the voters attention are evidence, and cooperation from the press. Taking the story to the local media would help, if this person has the stones to try it. It wouldn't hurt. However, until then, until evidence is produced, Mr./Ms. Doe gets a set of Weasel ears for casting aspersions without merit. As for the bigwigs, well, all that needs be said is that Silver, despite the accrued power, has overstayed his welcome in Albany. Even Teflon breaks eventually, and maybe this will finally send the message that Silver should step down, forget the perks that come with his gig, and walk away.


magicdog said...

How the mighty have fallen, huh A-Rod? Based on what I've heard regarding the latest scandal from the "eternal youth" facility, he may never play pro ball again.

Weiner is the best NYC's got? Really? Remember that old saying, "You get the government you deserve." . What's not to like about a guy who sexts young women across the country - while being married to a muslim with proven terrorist ties in her family? Don't worry about the women's groups - they are always conveniently quiet as long as someone like Weiner gets the vote. They said nothing when Ted Kennedy got reelected over and over again.

If I could I would vote for Davis just out of spite.

hobbyfan said...

I'd take a chance on NYC finally electing a female mayor (Christine Quinn) rather than let Weiner get City Hall.

By that same token, Weiner & Spitzer might as well register for a therapy program before getting elected again.