Saturday, July 20, 2013

On DVD: RED (2010)

Here's a movie adaptation of a DC Comics series that wasn't produced by Warner Bros.. Go figure.

"RED", which, as we learn through the movie, is an acronym for "Retired: Extremely Dangerous", was based on a miniseries written by Warren Ellis & illustrated by Cully Hamner a few years ago. The movie made enough money, such that it warranted a sequel, which just opened.

Frank Moses (Bruce Willis, "The Expendables") is a retired CIA agent who learns that he's been marked for assassination because of certain secrets, particularly involving the Vice President (Julian McMahon, "Fantastic Four", ex-Nip/Tuck). Moses is joined by three of his former teammates (John Malkovich & Oscar winners Morgan Freeman & Helen Mirren) to uncover the plot. Along the way, he finds love, which is where some of the humor in this movie comes from. Mary Louise Parker (Weeds) is very convincing to the point you'd think she might actually become a vital part of the team instead of being arm candy.

Anyway, let's get to the trailer:

The supporting cast also includes James Remar and, in one of his last roles, Ernest Borgnine. You may need to rent this before seeing the sequel.

Rating: B-.

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