Thursday, July 25, 2013

It's time for these Weasels to go away

New York City is the biggest media center in the US, and as a result, there is a never-ending cycle of scandal for the tabloid press to beat into the ground. Consider:

*--Former Congressman Anthony Weiner, running for Mayor of NYC, is in hot water again after he admitted Tuesday that he hadn't stopped the lurid online chats that led to his resignation from Congress a couple of years ago. This time, Weiner used the pseudonym Carlos Danger, hoping that would keep the media hounds away. Yeah, and there's a bridge for sale in Brooklyn, too.

2 of the city's three newspapers, the New York Times & New York Daily News, issued editorials on Wednesday, calling for Weiner to drop out of the race. NY1 reported Wednesday night that Weiner was leading in a recent poll taken before these latest revelations became public.

Amazingly, no one has taken the bait and tried hot dog jokes. Apparently, Oscar Mayer isn't interested in endorsing Weiner.

*--Alex Rodriguez has one foot out the door, as far as the Yankees and their fans are concerned. Earlier this week, I made mention of the fact that a number of youth baseball players in the NYC area had turned on Rodriguez. Now comes word that Rodriguez had an outside doctor go on a radio talk show Wednesday to dispute the Yankees' claim that Rodriguez had strained a quadricep muscle last weekend, and that he wants to play as early as Friday. He knows his time is almost up, as reports have Major League Baseball ready to give him a lifetime ban, which would be the first such ban since Pete Rose nearly 25 years ago. Rose was banished for gambling. What "A-Roid" has done is far, far worse, wasting his natural talent by relying on PED's, then not coming completely clean. He claimed he only used PED's while with the Texas Rangers, who dealt him to the Yankees in 2004 for Alfonso Soriano. However, if the evidence provided by Anthony Bosch, whose Biogenesis clinic is at the center of MLB's latest investigation, is in fact true, then Rodriguez was juiced when he joined the Yankees and never stopped using.

It never ends, does it? Why stop at Rodriguez? Why not go after people like his former agent, Scott Boras, who've enabled his blatant disrespect of the game by allowing him to continue to use PED's? Boras, a lawyer by trade, could redeem himself in the eyes of a lot of baseball fans if he spoke out against Rodriguez---and any of his other clients, past or present----if he knew anything about PED usage. In an age where athletes and their agents, handlers, and assorted leeches (depending on who the player is) are only interested in chasing the money more than chasing history, disclosure would help solve a lot of problems.

That all being said, Weiner & Rodriguez are being bestowed Weasel ears this week.

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