Tuesday, July 9, 2013

On DVD: The Three Stooges: Live & Hilarious (2007)

As I noted yesterday when I reviewed The Ed Wynn Show, I came across this Three Stooges DVD compilation when shopping the other day. The fact that it was going for mere chump change was enough of a selling point.

"Live & Hilarious" collects some rare footage thought lost to the mists of time, including the aforementioned Wynn show, and a New Year's Eve skit from The Frank Sinatra Show. Plus, there's a clip from the movie, "Private Buckaroo" in which Shemp gets dissed by the Andrews Sisters big time. The "Trailermania" portion collects trailers from almost all of the team's films, including their lone feature with Shemp, "Gold Raiders".

Edit: 6/7/16: The previous video was deleted by the YouTube poster. In its place, we'll simply replay the Ed Wynn video previously posted:

Rating: B.

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