Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Celebrity Rock (?): Midnight Train to Georgia (2008)

Gladys Knight revisits one of her older hits with her backup group, the Pips, except that the Pips ain't with her this time.

Instead, actors Ben Stiller, Robert Downey, Jr., & Jack Black make up a new ensemble of Pips. Now, we know two of those guys can sing, and apparently, they can also groove. You can also figure out which one is the most challenged in this clip.

Edit: 4/17/14: Thanks to correspondent Magicdog for noting that this comes from the '08 season finale of American Idol.


magicdog said...

Jack Black looks like he's really having a good time there!

I've seen this before - it's available on iTunes with the proceeds going to charity.

They integrated 1967 Gladys with the present day actors. Pretty seemless.

hobbyfan said...

Oh, is that how they did it? I knew the guys were promoting "Tropic Thunder" when they did this, but I didn't realize this wasn't entirely real. Do you know the name of the special?

magicdog said...

It was The American Idol 2008 season finale. The clip of Gladys Knight was from a performance from 1973 - possibly The Ed Sullivan Show but I can't be sure.

hobbyfan said...

Sullivan was off the air by '71, so it might've been an awards show, like the Grammys.