Monday, April 7, 2014

Musical Interlude: It Takes Two (1988-9)

Story time, y'all.

January 1989. Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock were opening for Karyn White at the Palace Theatre in Albany. I went with a buddy, figuring on having a great time. Worst. Concert. Ever.

As memory serves, the show was ticketed to start around 7, but Base didn't take the stage until almost an hour after the scheduled starting time, and didn't even do an hour's worth of music. White, who was promoting her debut CD, was also late starting, and her set clocked in at just under an hour. The promoters were new in the area, and didn't even offer refunds for the late starts. The promoters were out of business, if memory serves, within 4 years or less.

Base ended up being a 1-hit wonder himself, and that one hit was "It Takes Two", which was getting heavy airplay on MTV and at dance clubs. Sure, he had another hit single, "Joy & Pain", but that wasn't quite as successful. These days, he's on the oldies circuit, at least the last I'd heard.

From Base's VEVO channel, here's "It Takes Two", a slightly longer version than the one you're accustomed to.

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