Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Musical Interlude: I Fought The Law (1966)

The Bobby Fuller Four only had on big hit, and, oh, how it resonates even now.

"I Fought The Law" is rather simplistic in its storytelling, about a man who committed crimes, got caught, and now regrets what he did.

I have no clue what show this comes from. If anyone can tell me, I'd appreciate it.


magicdog said...

This is a guess but I think the clip is from "Hollywood A Go-Go". The set looks similar to an appearance Danny Hutton made the previous year.

I always enjoyed this song, but I also found a lot of other enjoyable tunes from Bobby Fuller. Songs like "Don't Ever Let Me Know", Let Her Dance (A Buddy Holly song), and "Love's Made A Fool Out of You". If Buddy Holly hadn't died that fateful night, I think he would have continued to have a career in music into the 60s. Bobby Fuller was very much influenced by him and the music doesn't seem dated.

I remember a major player in the industry said Fuller was "The next big thing" quite possibly near the level of Elvis!

I've always wondered if there would ever be closure on Fuller's mysterious death. My theory is the LA mob killed him. Fuller recorded with Roulette Records and it was known by insiders as "connected". Fuller may have wanted out or had a beef with someone and they decided to give him a beat down - which ended up going too far. Jimmie Rodgers, who also recorded for them, was the victim of a mysterious beating the following year.

It makes one wonder.

hobbyfan said...

Hmmmm. I'll have to Google Hollywood-a-Go-Go. The dancers would be a giveaway, I'm sure.