Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Moron TV: The Mullets (2003)

It was one of UPN's dumbest shows by far, but they thought SOOOOOO highly of it, they forced WWE to give up a half-hour of Smackdown one night so they could air a sneak preview of this supposed sure-fire hit. Oh, it was sure-fire all right----straight to the basement.

The Mullets was a silly little comedy about two adult brothers who behaved as if they never left their teenage years behind. Apparently, "out-freakin'-standing" was supposed to be a key catchphrase. The only episode I bothered to watch was one with wrestling legend Roddy Piper, who knows a few things about acting, as a guest-star, and an end-of-show parental advisory from co-star Loni Anderson (ex-WKRP in Cincinnati), who still looked hot, 25 years after WKRP made its debut. John O'Hurley, in between game shows at the time, was the other "name" co-star.

Here's the open:

The mullet hairdo has gone out of style, and was probably on its way out before this show hit the air.

Rating: D.

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