Thursday, May 1, 2014

Only in the South: Florida mother is booted from a gym.........for helping her son work out.

What is this? Social insensitivity week?

Yahoo! is reporting that a Florida mom had her membership at a LA Fitness gym revoked one week ago, just because she was helping her son with his workout, and the staff there took that as a violation. The ironic twist is that the woman is herself a fitness trainer by trade.

Krista Grubb assumed that this was just a case of parent-child bonding at the gym when she helped her teenage son with his workout, and this had been going on for a while. Seems some idiot complained to the staff, and one of the staff trainers met with Ms. Grubb a week ago about it. Said trainer took Ms. Grubb's comments to mean she was training her son during her own workout.

This misunderstanding, regardless of whether or not it was a deliberate oversight, cost Krista her membership at LA Fitness. After she had just paid for a full membership. When the local TV station wanted to talk to people from LA Fitness, they predictably were convienently unavailable for comment. Nothing says guilt trip more than being unwilling to comment after you've made a mistake in interpreting a member's intentions the wrong way.

I'd bet that Krista and her son will now either confine their joint workouts to home or she'll land a job as a licensed trainer (which she is) with a rival gym, and not have to go through this imbroglio again.

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