Saturday, May 17, 2014

Classic TV: Dave Allen at Large (1971)

Irish comedian Dave Allen brought his 1971 BBC series, Dave Allen at Large, to the US toward the end of the 70's. I'd gather this was after the series had ceased production, as memory serves me. The program, a mix of monologues and quick gags, had ended in 1976, but was picked up first by PBS, then went into syndication.

The local PBS station often coupled Dave Allen at Large with England's popular Monty Python's Flying Circus, usually on the weekends. In the 80's, the series resurfaced on cable around these parts, airing on WSBK in Boston.

One of the more popular aspects of the show was its jazzy theme song, composed by Alan Hawkshaw. You'll get to hear it, eventually, in the course of this video.

Unfortunately, Allen is no longer with us, having passed away in 2005, but one wonders what it'd take to put this show back on the air.

Rating: A.

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