Saturday, May 3, 2014

NBC 45 years ago, come the fall

Last night, I pulled up a preview video for The Bold Ones, one of NBC's freshman series in 1969.

Well, wouldn't ya know, pilgrims, I've uncovered the rest of NBC's fall preview special for '69, hosted by The Today Show's Hugh Downs & Joe Garagiola. In addition to The Bold Ones, the class of '69 included:

The Bill Cosby Show: Cosby goes solo for the first time, and would get 2 seasons.
The Debbie Reynolds Show: I never got to see this one, but we'll discuss that another time.
My World...& Welcome To It: William Windom (ex-The Farmer's Daughter) headlines this series, which I think might've been the last one that Sheldon Leonard sold to NBC. Based on the works of James Thurber.

Now, here's the preview:

No rating, as I'd never seen this show.

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