Tuesday, May 20, 2014

What Might've Been: Judd For the Defense (1967)

With Perry Mason long gone from the airwaves, save for syndication, by 1967, there was a void in primetime television, and 20th Century Fox felt they could fill it with another courtroom drama.

Judd For The Defense, however, lasted just 2 seasons, and would be the last series for star Carl Betz (ex-The Donna Reed Show), cast in the title role as Texas attorney Clinton Judd, who often left his home base to handle cases out of town. Unlike Mason, Judd addressed social issues of the times, such as racial tensions.

Here is the intro:

Ironically, Fox acquired the rights to Mason 4 years after Judd ended, and cast Monte Markham as Mason. Unfortunately, it lasted 1 season.

Rating: None. I barely remember seeing this, if at all.

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