Friday, May 16, 2014

Weasels of the Week: Sandy Hook "Truthers"

Nearly 18 months later, there are still idiots who think the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre was a hoax. It doesn't matter to these anonymous morons that their theories couldn't hold water if you handed them a box of pails.

Earlier this week, one of these idiots stole a sign from a playground in Mystic, CT. that was dedicated to Grace McDonnell, one of the victims in the massacre. The same fool somehow got hold of the phone number of Grace's mother, Lynn, called, and taunted the parent, claiming Grace never existed. Sorry to say, we don't have a name for this unrepentant Weasel, but as soon as the cops find him, he's getting hauled off either to jail, Bellevue, or both, one at a time.

And, that goes also for the "truther" idiots who vandalized another playground, this one in Hartford, dedicated to Anna Grace Marquez-Greene. A sign there was tagged with the acronym, "BEKS", a peace sign, and dedicated "to Sandy Hook".

Just how cruel can these fools be? None of their theories, based in large part from early media reports the day of the incident, before the pieces could be put together, will ever hold up.

I say, once the police round up these Weasels, have them pay for the damages done, and issue a public apology to the families of the victims, in a very public setting, so that everyone sees what kind of lamebrained fools they are.

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